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The Gosling Group (TGG) was formed at the start of the new Millennium to respond to the apparent widely held misconception and misunderstanding within most industries that "Marketing" is simply a combination of advertising, promotions and exhibitions.

The Gosling Group has thus set up this web-site to inform its visitors that the marketing concept can in fact be implemented throughout a company to:

  • clearly define roles and responsibilities within an organisation, using the customer concept
  • optimise the return of existing products and maximise the growth of new products
  • ensure a full understanding of the current and future market environment.

The company's founder, Martin Gosling gained his experience in the fields of management, sales and marketing, having worked in such environments for over 19 years in numerous multi-national companies:

Having graduated from Cambridge University, England, Martin learned his skills of sales, marketing and management at two large American multi-nationals, namely Texas Instruments and Hewlett Packard. Thereafter he was able to successfully implement his knowledge in managerial/consultancy roles at ITT, Premier-Farnell, Advance International , Invensys, and AND Software. In each of these roles Martin was able to apply best marketing practices to improve each company's turnover and profitability.

In The Gosling Group, Martin has set up an operation which focuses on each of the fundamental business practices of sales, marketing, management, process analysis and plan implementation, in order to optimise both the efficiency and subsequently the success of companies.

Since 2013, Martin has been working for companies in the illuminated signage industry, making customers' brands shine - literally. Whilst working with Westiform Gmbh & Co KG he scuccesfully grew the company's turnover in the automotive and petrol chemical markets by 127% over three years; whilst with Alpha Signs GmbH he grew the business by 38% in one year and set up an operation able to deliver and install Corporate Identity (CI) products to the USA directly from Europe.

For more information on The Gosling Group or any of the services we offer, you can contact us directly by e-mail at:

Alternatively Martin Gosling would welcome any correspondence directly by e-mail at:

"It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well"

- René Descartes

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