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It's Your Company Questionnaire

"The IYCQ is an easy to use and cost effective Employee Opinion survey, which utilises The Gosling Group´s Dynamic Questionaire Engine™ (Patent Pending) to measure and monitor Employee Satisfaction and Motivation as well as company business practices according to the ISO9004:2000 definition."

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The Product

The It's Your Company (IYC) Questionnaire™ was originally developed solely for you to assess for yourself whether your company could benefit from the services of The Gosling Group. The original on-line questionnaire can be found in the Questionnaire folder .

This questionnaire uses The Gosling Group's "Dynamic Questionnaire Engine™" (patent pending) to assess a single user's inputs both emotionally and rationally and report an unbiased opinion on how the user sees the company's strategies for the four disciplines of Management, Marketing, Technology and Resources, and whether all four concepts are understood within the company. Despite the similarity of the IYC Questionnaire™ to a standard employee opinion survey, the unique combination of emotional and rational responses derived from the IYC Questionnaire's™ Dynamic Questionnaire Engine also allow employee motivation to be directly measured.

Being a single user input assessment, despite the fact that the results do still provide an idea of the company's strengths (as is its aim) a better, more representative company result could easily be obtained by widening the questionnaire to a larger user base and averaging the results.

The IYC Questionnaire (IYCQ) Manager™

In order to more easily distribute the IYC Questionnaire™ to a larger group of employees and collate the inputs, The Gosling Group has developed a stand-alone programme entitled the IYC Questionnaire Manager™. This programme allows you to quickly and easily distribute questionnaires to your employees, collect the inputs from them and to run an assessment of those inputs all from within the same programme. The output from this programme then allows you to easily determine whether:

  • your company's strategies for Management, Marketing, Technology and Resources (or your chosen disciplines) are effective
  • the strategies for those disciplines are clearly understood throughout your organisation
  • the lines of communication within your company are optimised
  • there are any weak links or areas within your organisation
  • the work force are motivated and thus working effectively

A sample output report from the IYCQ Manager™ programme can be downloaded in Adobe™ '.pdf' format here (111kB).

In summary, the IYCQ Manager™ performs primarily four main tasks:

  1. the distribution of IYC Questionnaires™ to your workforce
  2. the collation of inputs from your workforce
  3. the running of a report on the inputs collected
  4. the ordering of licenses to enable reports to be run†
IYC Questionnaire™ distribution options

The IYC Questionnaire Manager enables you to distribute the IYC Questionnaire™ installation programme to your employees either on a single floppy disk or as a single file on your company network for installation onto each employee's PC. Alternatively, it is also possible to install the questionnaire directly onto your company intranet. More information regarding the IYC Questionnaire Intranet version can be found in the IYCQ Intranet folder. Each of these distribution methods ensures the employee that his/her input will be anonymous.

Typical strategies utilising the IYC Questionnaire™

The Gosling Group typically uses the IYC Questionnaire™ in medium sized customers to assess the views of their entire work force and thereby identify global areas for improvement within both the company structure and the company communication channels.

In larger companies the Questionnaire is typically used to measure the effectiveness of communication channels within divisions and individual departments as well as measuring employee motivation per job discipline.

Naturally, we are able to customise the layout of the questionnaire to meet your corporate identity and even adapt the four disciplines and questions according to your company requirements, should you so desire.

What you can expect from the IYC Questionnaire™

By using the results of the questionnaire as a guide, it is possible for companies to target their resources on the internal issues that matter. By re-running the questionnaire after a fixed period of time (typically 6 months), the success of any correction plans implemented can be measured. Finally, the workforce is motivated not only by seeing positive actions being taken by the company, but also by experiencing improvements.

Advantages of the IYC Questionnaire™ and Manager

Advantages of the IYC Questionnaire™ and IYCQ Manager™ combination over similar products include:

  • The Gosling Group's patent pending Dynamic Questionnaire Engine™ (DQE) technology ensures that employee motivation is measured, rather than employee emotion. Also the technology enables employees' level of conviction to be recorded, thereby showing how the employees' motivation can be expected to change over time.
  • All analyses are performed internally, thereby saving time and money.
  • A full analysis of the company situation can be taken and analysed in days rather than weeks.
  • The effectiveness of any corrective programmes can be measured in real time.
  • The work force feel part of a dynamic programme.
  • The output report is clear concise and jargon free and lets you know exactly how your employees see your company and how motivated they are.
  • The unique distribution methods of the IYC Questionnaire™ reassure the employees that their inputs remain anonymous.
Purchasing the IYCQ Manager™

The IYCQ Manager™ programme can be purchased cost effectively in a "Starter Pack" from The Gosling Group's DQE website here. Further information regarding the IYCQ Manager™ such as minimum system requirements, necessary support files etc. can be found in the IYCQ Manager folder

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Mission Statement:

To ensure our customers' future profitable growth by ensuring a full understanding of the wants and needs of both their existing and future customers and markets, and targeting their current and future product offerings to them; in so doing we will ensure an understanding of their employees' engagement and optimise their internal and external processes accordingly, using a combination of both traditional and modern business tools.
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