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Customer Oriented Websites Database


Welcome to The Gosling Group's database of Customer Oriented Websites.

This database contains only those web-sites which have proven themselves to be 'customer oriented' according to a strict set of criteria defined by The Gosling Group. Based on these criteria, you can be assured that you will be able to find the information you need from the company's web-site quickly and easily.

More information regarding the criteria used in qualifying these web-sites can be found in the Get Gozzled folder.

In order to simplify your search for the products and/or services you wish to find, we have categorised our database according to standard industry definitions. As a starting point therefore, you should choose the relevant Sector from the main Economic Groups listed in the table below for your search:

Economic Groups Sectors
A0 Resources   A4 Mining
A7 Oil & Gas
B0 Basic Industries    B1 Chemicals
B3 Construction & Building Material
B5 Forestry & Paper
B8 Steel & other metals
C0 General Industries    C1 Aerospace & Defence
C4 Diversified Industrials
C5 Electronice & Electrical Equipment
C6 Engineering & Machinery
D0 Cyclical Consumer Goods  D1 Automobiles & Parts
D4 Household goods & Textiles
E0 Non-cyclical Consumer Goods      E1 Beverages
E3 Food producers & Processors
E4 Health
E7 Personal care & Houshold products
E8 Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
E9 Tobacco
F0 Cyclical services     F2 General retailers
F3 Leisure, Entertainment & Hotels
F4 Media & Photography
F8 Support services
F9 Transport
G0 Non-cyclical services  G3 Food & Drug retail
G7 Telecommunication Services
H0 Utilities    H2 Electricity
H3 Gas distribution
H8 Water
J0 Financials        J1 Banks
J3 Insurance
J4 Life assurance
J5 Investment companies
J6 Real estate
J7 Speciality & Other finance
J9 Investment entities
K0 Information Technology  K3 IT hardware
K7 Software & Computer services

Mission Statement:

To ensure our customers' future profitable growth by ensuring a full understanding of the wants and needs of both their existing and future customers and markets, and targeting their current and future product offerings to them; in so doing we will ensure an understanding of their employees' engagement and optimise their internal and external processes accordingly, using a combination of both traditional and modern business tools.


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